Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Turkish Tea and Authentic Turkish Delight

Turkish Tea and Authentic Turkish Delight

No, I do not have a field of turkish tea plants growing in my back yard.
Nor do I own a Turkish factory that makes Authentic Turkish Delight.

What I do have is alot of happy customers that do buy my Turkish Teas, and Authentic Turkish Delight.

First, I visit Turkey each year and I do bring with me home what I can as in Turkish Tea and Turkish Delight.
As you might not know they have limits on bringing in sugar items.And I can only carry it on board with me.
Turkish Tea is even harder, cause I have to wrap it up carefully and then store in my luggage.
So many times my tea is thrashed around my luggage. This is not funny to me.

On my travels I make it a habit of scheduling in visits to cities of where I want to see first hand how the owners of these factories operate.
First stop in Rize, Trabzon part of Turkey.
I have been to the fields of rolls and rolls of fresh tea plants.Women and men outside picking tea leaves. I have witness the drying of the leaves,
and to my surprise at the factory how its very naturally done. No chemicals, just plain fresh tea leaves.
The black teas are dryed longer, than if it was green teas, which is why its called green tea, cause its merely still green when it is packed.

Also on Turkish Delight, when you buy it in Turkey you will see huge large pans of Turkish Delight. These are made fresh daily too.
I went to talk and visit with about three companies that sell Turkish Delight. One company will be making me some 2 or 3 piece packages soon.
One of the companies had some new ways of making Turkish Delight and with the younger family members taking over soon the operations.
I went through out the factories and saw how clean they were. I made lots of friends and I have many resources that will fall in place soon.
The main Authentic Turkish Delight I enjoyed the most was Bayco. Well guess what? Bayco came in straight from Turkey and settled in
to open his factories here in the North America. I have been in contact with this owner, and he will be my Authentic Turkish Delight direct source.
They are such nice people.Owners gave me permission to use his name and product info. So your getting Authentic Turkish Delight when you order from me.
A traditional recipe handed down for generations.

This is my passion Turkish Delight and Turkish Teas.

Though I sell various teas from around the world, Turkish tea is my most popular item.
Sometimes I do sell different brands of Turkish Delight, Bayco is always favored by all.

I have made many many friends from selling these products. I have developed total trust and every year when I visit Turkey,
I meet up with many customers that are now friends. I travel far for my Turkish tea but its worth every sip of my friendships
to have built such trust. To stay in welcoming homes and beautiful turquoise sanded beach hotels. I am treated as a true
friend. And though I would prefer to live in Turkey, I love my home too here in USA.
These are my passions, Turkish Tea,Turkish Delight and YOU.