Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gürallar Artcraft Glass Cube Olive Containers-Turkiye

Imported and made from Turkey

I use these same containers for olives.

I always keep green and black olives from Turkey in my containers.

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Turkey 4th Largest Olive Producer - Addoway

Since ancient times, olive oil has been known for its excellent nutritional qualities. It has been one of the essential features of the diet of many Mediterranean civilizations, especially in Anatolia Turkey.

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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

500 Melons to help Energize Spain's European Championship

A Spanish fruit company hopes its delicious melons will help energize Spain's European Championship bid following its opening draw against Italy.

A truck filled with the fruit was delivered to the World Cup champions' training base in northern Poland, with the team having already enjoyed the Piel de Sapo melons for breakfast Tuesday morning. Frog skin refers to the colour of the fruit.

Spanish sports daily AS organized the 3,000-kilometre (1,865-mile) delivery from El Monarca, which is based in Murcia, Spain.

Nokia’s New 41 MP Smartphone

New Delhi

Finnish handset manufacturer Nokia, on Wednesday, launched its PureView 808 in India, 
which will not only take head-on competitors like Samsung Galaxy SIII and HTC One, 
but also cameras from the likes of Nikon and Sony...... 

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Jackfruit Coming to Your Fruit Stand Soon

Jackfruit, a common man’s fruit is grown naturally and many a time go waste without even harvesting.

Now the fruit is all set to become a delicious food in the US market, thanks to the imitative taken up by Annemarie Ryu, Global Village Fruits Inc and University of Harvard, USA for encouraging the new venture.

Annemarie Ryu is set to export 25 tonnes of dried jackfruit to the US, but she is not able to gather the required quantity.

To overcome the supply crisis, Annemarie along with her local partner N V Paulose is all set to launch ‘The Jackfruit Campaign.’ The campaign will be held at River View, Morgan’s Gate in Mangalore on June 16. Ryu is on her second visit to India to promote more ventures in jackfruit processing.

The Global Village Fruits Inc will introduce more varieties of jackfruit products including jackfruit burgers if she gets more supply from India and South Asia. In the hope this will further increase demand for jackfruit in the US Market and also demand from other nations.

In a press release, Pualose said “2.8 million tonnes of jackfruits are wasted every year in India. Jackfruit can become a global front runner among village fruits.

Scientists have developed new varieties of jackfruit including gum-less jack.


Haskap berries

Nova Scotia -Canada

Nova Scotia is well known for its blueberries, but the popular fruit may be able to face a new competitor. It turns out that the region is perfectly suited to the cultivation of the haskap. 

The fruit, oblong in shape, popular in Japan and said to taste somewhere between a blueberry, blackberry and a raspberry, grows well in the province due to the cold winter and wet spring conditions. 

What's more the plant is appealing to growers in the area as it bears fruit much earlier than the blueberry and can be cultivated using existing materials. 

"[The haskap berry] certainly has a lot of positive prospects as an up-and-comer," said Minister of Agriculture John MacDonell.

In the seven months since it began offering them, Bridgewater-based LaHave Natural Farms, the largest haskap purveyor of its kind in Atlantic Canada, has taken orders for 55,000 plants to 98 different large and small farms, hobbyists and gardening clubs in Nova Scotia and the U.K., and is currently working on haskap juices, jams, wines, liqueurs and even antioxidant face scrubs.

MacDonnell says though, that there is no danger of the blueberry being driven ot of town by the newcomer. he thinks the diversification can only be good for the agricultural sector in the region, serving to complement existing crops and extending the season for those involved in the production of both fruits.