Thursday, October 31, 2013

Guru's New Album Titled: Page1 on Countdown to Release

Guru our Punjabi favorite singer, is no where in sight. 
We have been waiting on his New Release a new Album titled: Page1. We have been anticipating this album for months. Every week its almost here. We want to hear this new music so much.
I am going crazy just waiting. Surely he must know we are all waiting.

Below is his last release titled; Chhad Gayi [She left] Take a listen and do come back for to listen to his new one, if it ever gets released. 

Brazilian Style Coffee


Cafezinho is coffee Brazilian style. Per capita consumption of coffee is higher in Brazil than in any other country in the world. (Brazil also produces and exports more coffee than anywhere else.) Served in homes, offices, stores, and countless coffee bars and cafes, cafezinho has been enjoyed by generations of Brazilians.


To make it, a saucepan dedicated to making coffee is used to bring a mixture of water and sugar almost to the boil over medium heat. (Alternatively, sugar, may be added to the hot coffee later, in abundance, with a special small spoon.) Ground roast coffee-2 tablespoons for every 3/4 cup of fresh water-is added to the liquid, which is then stirred and poured through a traditional cloth coffee strainer. The hot coffee is served in a demitasse cup. In Brazil, twelve to fourteen of these small cups of cafezinho may be consumed in a day. 



Turkish Market-USA - Don't look for inspiration, Be the inspiration.


Marmaray Hit By Problems On The First Day In Service

In the morning, journeys were also interrupted due to a power blackout. Operations resumed after the problem was rectified.

The Turkish State Railways (TCDD) claimed that the halts were caused by people who pushed the emergency button out of curiosity.

“The train halts took place after some passengers who got on the train for the first time pushed the emergency button,” said the TCDD in a statement. 

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Emotion Drink?