Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Vegetable Prices Have Risen Due To Truck Drivers

Istanbul, Turkey

For citizens of Istanbul, vegetable prices have risen due to lorry [truck]drivers recently holding a protest over a number of days. They were angry because they are limited to when they can drive on a busy bridge to Istanbul. 

Lorry[truck] drivers are not allowed to drive over the Fatih Sultan Mehmet bridge between 7 and 10am, and 4 to 8pm as the government wish to bring a calmer traffic situation. However this decision is unacceptable to truckers and led to 1500 lorry drivers striking between 27 to 30 January, reported Turkish newspaper Zaman. This then resulted in consumers hoarding vegetables, amongst other things, and driving prices up even before the trucks had stopped. 

Source: Zaman News

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